Some GoPro pics from France.




Étang du Thau


Forest on Mont Caroux

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Mont Caroux



3 thoughts on “92

  1. Hello,

    Those GoPro photo’s are fantastic – may I ask the settings you use, I’m trying to be more pro active with mine but I can’t seem to nail the shots and I know there aren’t a huge range settings on the GoPro …


    • Hello!
      As you said there aren’t many settings. I try using my GoPro mainly when the lighting conditions are good (outdoor with loads of sunshine and/or snow). I always edit my photos afterwards, either in Photoshop or in apps like VSCO or PS Express. I’m still quite new with GoPro so I’m still testing different approaches on how to snap some good pics.

      Hope this helps a little anyway!

      • Hello,

        Thanks – I was starting to think it’s just me but that makes plenty of sense, also big fan of your site it’s so nice and clean



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