Hello there!

My name is Emelie and this site is all about what I do. I create things, mostly illustrations and photographs. I love to doodle and I have a Nikon D80 and a GoPro as partners in crime. My current location is Stockholm (Sweden), but I also call England and France home. At the moment I am a layout & graphic designer / social media manager at Weleda. But I keep myself busy and do some other projects when I can. Here you will find some things I do for work, things I’ve done on my spare time and some side projects. If you want to conatct me you can email me at: emelie.voltaire@gmail.com. Are we friends? Find me at Facebook or LinkedIn.

Explore what I do by checking out my photographs, illustrations and/or work. Or maybe just go with the flow.

You can also check out my VSCO, my instagram, or my hashtags #voltaireatwork & #voltairesbasement.




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